UPDATE 20/10/2021: Mandatory Appointments

(Including advice and questions answered by phone consultations)

Brad will be unavailable and unable to help or assist you if you do not have an Appointment made in advance by using the Online Booking System provided on this website.
Be aware Appointments, Billing and Payments are Integrated.

If you or someone you know are having difficulty making an online booking,
please call 02 6732 5100 to request a call back for Brad to provide assistance by phone to help make Online Appointments with ease and to ensure Billing and Payments are processed simply and quickly at the end of each appointment.

ALSO BE ADVISED, For the health, safety and wellbeing of ALL of Brad's Clients, Family and himself, COVID 19 DOUBLE VACINATIONS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS & ONSITE TECHNICAL SERVICES provided by Brad effective from 18/10/2021.
(Brad comes to you and is Fully Vaccinated for Covid 19 AND Seasonal Flu)

TO AVOID DISAPOINTMENT and to minimise WASTED TIME and AVOIDABLE EXCESS COST, CUSTOMERS ARE ASKED TO PLEASE REGISTER ALL Technical Issues, Problems, Requests or Questions in advance of Brad providing answers and solutions.

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AND THEN PLEASE RESERVE & SECURE Brad's TIME & AVAILABILITY by booking an Appointment to receive In-Person or Phone based Advice, Consultation & Technical Service or Solution.

(Please Complete Step 2, Click, Tap or Scan the below QR-Code to make BOOKINGS & RESERVATIONS.

Experience the difference!
Let Brad help you solve your computer & technology challenges and frustrations!

Brad has a no-fix-no-charge policy and provides other warranties and guarantees of service for quality, workmanship and fit for purpose solutions, however be aware the initial site visit and consultation fee (first 50 minutes) is generally not refundable.

My services are normally charged for an Initial 20 Minute consultation, any additional time required thereafter is charged per 30 minute intervals or part thereof. Some services/solutions are offered as a caped price service or bundle.

To avoid disappointment or offence, please do not ask for or expect FREE advice, help or services.

My many years of knowledge and professional experience is unique and valuable, it is NOT provided free of charge. Please contact me to book an appointment for an assessment and consultation and I will come to you. In certain circumstances, some issues or problems may be solved over the phone or via remote support, in such cases you will be charged a remote support fee for the help, solutions or technical advice provided.